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Women Hating Hot Doooooooooooooooooooooog!!

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I am a big fat hairy shemale in search for a soul mate please call me as soon as possible
90's alternative music, apple, ashlee simpson, bart simpson, being redundant, bert and ernie, bingo, bumming rides from adrian, bumming rides from sergio, calculators, chicks, clipping my nails, cock fighting, coloring books, coughing, daydreaming, driving slow, dropping my ipod, eating expired foods, eating my own leftovers, eating yogurt, eigth graders, embarassing people, estrogen supplements, falling off my bike, farting, feeding birds, feeling bad, fiber for regularity, flat soda, george washington look-alikes, ghosts, guitar, guitar center, having a sore throat, having pointless crushes, hearing my voice crack, hearing no, holding hands, homer simpson, hot milkshakes, hugs, isopropyl rubbing alcohol., jordie!!, kitty kats, laughing, light bulbs, lisa simpson, listening to my ipod, macintosh, miss afganistan, mooching, mountain biking, my leaf collection, not driving sergios gti, not going to work, not sharing, not working at jons, offending people, old potato chips, outdated software, paper airplanes, paper helicopters, picking my nose, plastic, playing chess, playing chess with retards, playing shitty shows, plotting against band members, pogs, pretending, puking, q-tips, re-runs, reading, running across busy streets, saving whales, sewing, sharing things, shopping at wal-mart, skipping, slow cars, small mammals, sneezing, soldering, spelling b's, splinter cell, squirrels, stale cheetos, stale milk, stealing, street lights, taking ru486, team antarctica, tether ball, the five-second rule, the letter "h", the letter "space bar", the simpsons, the smashing pumpkins, the ten-second rule, tying knots, under-dressing, walking to places, water fountains, wd-40, windex, winning at chess, working at mc donalds, you.