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school today

well wat can i say. I almost died to day bus big buff black guy pushed me really hard and i went flying and then i died. but thanks to my santanist ways, i came back from the dead. So haha hoes!!!!!!! Any ways I hate this damn live journal thing but oh well. Also i went to track and i came back sore but with an erection. Sore because i had to do a bunch of lunges and with an erection cus this hot babe with a finding nemo shirt had her boobs bouncing. and i was like oh yea baby can i find ur clit named nemo? And then i felt a warm sticking feelings in my pants and then i woked up to find my self licking ass everywhere's nut sac. Well good times. U emo hoes shall pay for ur evil ways.
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February 9 2004, 19:27:05 UTC 14 years ago


-Silly Nigger