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my intrests

No that the fucking live journal wont show my intrest the rite way i shall shwo them as a journal entry!!!!!!!

I like big fat hairy women and big fish with little boobs. But wat i love the most is, big buff men with their shirts halfway unbuttoned revealing a huge fro of hairy that is attached to their chest, wearing a lot of BLING BLING and guy perfume.

there now everyone knows me for who i am
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wow...nice icon

thanks to ME


=] i <3 u
u stupid bum christopher loera...oh how great it is that i will kill u....dkl;fjg;dgvfd;g...well then...good bye ole hot dog....HOT DOG HOT DOG!


February 9 2004, 19:20:44 UTC 14 years ago

you stupid stupid gay mexican, im not even joking anymore, you are a fuckin fag. piss off and enjoy your vacation in the wonderful beaches of Peru (a real country)

Your silly Nigger
hahaha, yes