soupedupsaturn (soupedupsaturn) wrote,

words from the wise El Panco

Today was yet another victory for the powers of Mexico and Nicaragua at the fourth battle. It all started when I was approached by these two lizard screwing nazi loving hoes…then is evened up when my right hand man shows up . My right hand man viciously threw the perubean into the piranha infested moat. Then the dirty nazi tried to get involved and my right hand man landed on top of him in a bush and I finished off that tick infested nazi by soaring over the moat and landing on top of him. When my right hand man said “victory is again ours” the dirtiest member of the opposing forces shall I say THE PERUBEAN had the dignity to say “I was the only one left standing” this I think is the biggest load of old saggy flee nuts I have ever heard, my right hand man was also standing but it took two people to take him down, the jew hater went down with and tittykaka boy was left standing. I just have to say you fucks of an army are lucky that my left hand man wasn’t there or you guys wouldn’t have made to the next meet that day. After this little encounter the “Great Forces” of germany and peru those pussy ass inca fucking jew hating fucks ran off at rapid speeds as my left and right hand man chased and I followed behind, caught them and beat them to a bloody pulp. Then I took one of their shoes and fucked it Mexican style with a big ass burrito and gizzed all over the laces. When they finally did escape my right hand man had to be pried off of THE PERUBEAN by the beaten nazi. Then they went on to bitching about how they are always out numbered when supposedly they have a sweatshop full of Asians at their dispense to throw out on the front lines. Now I will say this you come at us with whichever dog eating, shoe making, cat fucking, Mexican branded monkey you want, me, my right hand man and my left hand man will come out victorious because we are too damn HARDCORE! Your lucky our suicide terrorist bomber was getting his tennis stuff hes just trying to fit in so he wont be so noticeable, we would have filled your anal holes with anthrax and pissed acid on your bloody wounds. And another thing I spit on peru and germany because you are a disgrace to humanity for not bowing down and surrendering to us Mexicans and Nicaraguans. Instead you continue to let us have our way with you just like we have our way with all your women.
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