soupedupsaturn (soupedupsaturn) wrote,

MAster Plan (super classified)

What i will tell you my good followers in asian, perubian, german haters is super classifed and will change the way a war is fought. We will oppress and slaughter the enemy using this technical method. We will take out the perubians right hand man using this technique. He is all the perubian has. With out him the perubian would lose miserably. His right hand man is the only one with a brain an guts to confront the enemy. Unlike the cowardly perubian. I shall not list examples, because that will hurting deeply. make him lower than an cross breed of an asian, perubian, rat, lizard and a tick. Besides that is a whole diffrent story. Back to the plan. My left hand man will provied us with sum anthrax and sneak it in to the US. My right hand man while fucking the perubians mom, will stuff all the anthrax in to her pussy. So that when the perubian's right hand man comes to eat out the perubians mom, he will inhale the anthrax and die. causeing a huge disorder. Will the perubians and their allies are trying to decide what they will do next, My left hand man and his buddy will chrash planes in to their houses, office buildings, whore houses, bars, strip clubs and public showers. They will infect them with their biological weapons. Then me and my righ hand man and my other allies will raid peru and steal all their hot women and rape them and make them walk the streets naked all the time. We will have our way with them all the time. we will slaughter their children, and destroy all their pyramids and destroy the inca spirit in them. Leading to their demise. And mexico shall win!!!!!!!!!! We will lose zero lives, while the perubians will lose all, but the hot hoes we will mess around with.hahah so we win again suckers!!!
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