soupedupsaturn (soupedupsaturn) wrote,

Perubian back staber

AS you have read or will soon read the entry belloe this one, i degraded the asian race a lot. and i am damn proud of it. Cus they suck. i had a chat with the perubian about this and this is wat he had to say.
BringBackElian: yes i was just about to say that
AsianCleanser: haha
AsianCleanser: yup
BringBackElian: asians are a member of the alliance though
AsianCleanser: but they sti9ll suck
AsianCleanser: and should die
BringBackElian: yes good point
BringBackElian: they will be in the front lines
BringBackElian: first to die
AsianCleanser: yes

So you damn asians should run for ur life when u still can because the perubain bastered is tricking u. u should come and join me! at least i wont try to trick u. I will tell u i ur face. "i hate u u fucking rat fucker!! u will be the first to die here!" then i will shot them. So forget about peru and join me! the real man. with a gun
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