soupedupsaturn (soupedupsaturn) wrote,

asians go down hard

NOTORiOUSXPENAY: i kicked its ass
AsianCleanser: no
AsianCleanser: u suck
AsianCleanser: acdc
AsianCleanser: rocks
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: yes im sure it rocks
AsianCleanser: haha
AsianCleanser: stupid asians
AsianCleanser: acdc rocks in the us
AsianCleanser: mexico
AsianCleanser: and al over the world
AsianCleanser: hoe
AsianCleanser: stupiad asians
AsianCleanser: dont know nothing
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: if it werent for us asains ur grandama wouldnt be alive right now
AsianCleanser: it is the other way around honey
AsianCleanser: us saved ur ass during world war 2
AsianCleanser: slut
AsianCleanser: and
AsianCleanser: my spanish
AsianCleanser: andcestors
AsianCleanser: rapped ur ass
AsianCleanser: and nose
AsianCleanser: and ears
AsianCleanser: and every thing u have
AsianCleanser: my great grandfather rapped about 250 asians
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: they rapped us cuz we were so damn hot nd all the mexicans gurls were fuwkin ugly
AsianCleanser: no
AsianCleanser: cus we wanted to show u who was boss
AsianCleanser: damn rite
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: saved by the bell
AsianCleanser: i know cus u know u wont win
AsianCleanser: hoe
AsianCleanser: haha
AsianCleanser: u lose
AsianCleanser: mexicans come on top
AsianCleanser: hoe
AsianCleanser: we shall rap u guys again
AsianCleanser: many times over
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: on top of what?? picking corn
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: u can rape us then all the asain boyz are gonna shoot ur ass with our AK49'z
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: rap?!? u cant even spell "rape" RHYT
AsianCleanser: i said rape
AsianCleanser: and all my mexican gangsta homies will show ur asian boys up
AsianCleanser: cus we are street smart
AsianCleanser: and even more hard core than asians
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: u mean ur papi chulos?
AsianCleanser: asians are all talk
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: then cholos cant so SHYT
AsianCleanser: all they have is money
AsianCleanser: but us mexicans
AsianCleanser: the whole world bow down to us
AsianCleanser: hoes
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: we have enough money to hire a hitman hit u guys up
AsianCleanser: but all the great hitmen are mexicans
AsianCleanser: so they will turn againts u
AsianCleanser: mexican pride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AsianCleanser: hoe
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: nobody bows down to tha mexicans, they camaflouge with the dirty floor
AsianCleanser: asians suck
AsianCleanser: they bow down when we wip it out
AsianCleanser: cus it is so damn big
AsianCleanser: compared to ur small asian
AsianCleanser: dicks
AsianCleanser: and tits
AsianCleanser: u flat chested hoe
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: im sorry i mistaken ur mommas dirty tits for pancakes
AsianCleanser: o shit
AsianCleanser: it sounds more like ur mom
AsianCleanser: cus i fucked her
AsianCleanser: 150 times
AsianCleanser: in under 2 mins
AsianCleanser: and her tits
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: at least my mommas tits are dirty like ur moms
AsianCleanser: where so small
AsianCleanser: the went in to her chest
AsianCleanser: and moms
AsianCleanser: oh damn
AsianCleanser: very big
AsianCleanser: i sucked them so hard
AsianCleanser: i loved it
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: you should love it
AsianCleanser: i saw ur mom on aporno
AsianCleanser: beastiality
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: cus i drank them when i was little
AsianCleanser: asians are not welcomed in my house
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: i know us asains are so damn good looking were all up on porno
AsianCleanser: and get shot if the come nnear it
AsianCleanser: no
AsianCleanser: it was sick
AsianCleanser: she fucked a rat
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: thas not what ur dad sed last night
AsianCleanser: she love the small dicks
AsianCleanser: i know
AsianCleanser: my dad said
AsianCleanser: stupid asian hoe
AsianCleanser: grow tits
AsianCleanser: and stop being so loose
AsianCleanser: u skank
AsianCleanser: scank
AsianCleanser: wat ever
AsianCleanser: then he back handed her
AsianCleanser: and bit off her tits
AsianCleanser: and the mexicans win once again
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: i think its time for u n ur mom to pick some corn
AsianCleanser: i love to eat corn
AsianCleanser: i think u guys should get off the streets
AsianCleanser: cus u asians are a disgrace
AsianCleanser: to teh WORLD
AsianCleanser: and should all die
AsianCleanser: at least us mexicans arer hard working and feed ur ass
AsianCleanser: wat do asians do for us?
AsianCleanser: nothing
AsianCleanser: the eat and shit
AsianCleanser: and get rapped by us
AsianCleanser: mexican
AsianCleanser: s
AsianCleanser: hoes
AsianCleanser: u all should die
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: MAN...dont be talking shit about asians, if it werent for us...all YALL grandparents would be dead by now
AsianCleanser: no they wouldnt
AsianCleanser: cus they were part of the rape
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: yea cuz yall dumbasses too dumb to figure out how to keep them alive
AsianCleanser: a 4 year old kid rapped a hot hoe theere
AsianCleanser: at least we know how big a real penis should be
AsianCleanser: unlike u guys
AsianCleanser: and wat is a good cup size
AsianCleanser: u guys dont kow shit
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: we know to stay away from ur smelly dirty peniseses
AsianCleanser: u cant cus
AsianCleanser: we force it in u
AsianCleanser: hard
AsianCleanser: and with out mercy
AsianCleanser: yup
AsianCleanser: even u know
AsianCleanser: not to mess
AsianCleanser: with whorny mexicans who are out for blood
AsianCleanser: but u guys dont
AsianCleanser: so that is why u pay
AsianCleanser: pay with ur women
NOTORiOUSXPENAY signed off at 5:05:23 PM.
AsianCleanser: haha
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