soupedupsaturn (soupedupsaturn) wrote,

The Levan Journey

The Journey

It was a dark rainy night, and I am feeling lucky and swell. There are trees all around me, towering over me, but i am ready with two tommie guns in hand. These trees are old, dark, saggy, great in color, and evil looking. Immediately the forest tickled my fancy, so i chuckled for a good thirty minutes. Then I find a curved path being gaurded by a big black guy. I go up to him and say, "let me through!" He was like, "no!" So i backhand him, knocking him to the ground and go my way. Five feet later i find a huge bottle with vodka, so i chuged it down. The black man gets up and takes out his brass knuckles. I laugh so hard that i shot the crap out of him with my tommie guns. I leave and encounter a huge tree blocking my path so I cuss it out and yell. It gets scared. Then I kick it, so it moves out of the way because he is my bitch now. As soon as I get through i said take that you bloody bastard and shot it 959 times and left. I then find a key and place it in my pocket for safe keeping . I then find a rattle sanke in my path. I am full of anger and i bitch slapped it. It tried to bit me but to no avail. I then pick it up and bit off it's head and ate it's head. i then find a fence surrounding a house. On teh fence there are a bucnch of strippers and hoes calling me into the house of sorts. And i say "yes." The house on the out side seemed to be very nice. Looked just like the white house, the only difference was that tehre were a lot of hot babes tehre just for me. I go inside where it looks like the playboy mansion. As soon ans i get in there i get head from 5 hot ladies and i chuckle with pleasure. I then bone all the ladies, shoot them all but 10, and go on my way with them pleasing me every 10 mins. I then find a cat, and i cuss it out and shoot it until there is nothing left. I then find a huge dirty swamp and me and my 10 hoes jump in and have fun. A lot of noise is coming from the pond and it is moving violently. I leave this place after 3 weeks and go on the path and find a cliff. I see all the bastards that owe me money. So i shoot them all and rape their women. I then take my hot lady friends by the hand and jump off the cliff. Landing safly in a bar bellow the cliff, getting drunk till we die.
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