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An apology to an unknown friend

WEll i was sitting on my couch today when i get a phone call from some ome unknown to me. He immediately cusses at me then hangs up. I then go check my email and i get an email from someone fool of rage who cussed at me too. they used the same style like the guy on the phone did. Then the door bell is rung, so i go to answer it. Imediatly i get a fist to the face and i am left for dead. I wake up an hour later and take a cold shower. As i do my buisness, a man jumps into the shower with me and tells me he is the one who has been bothering me a lot. He said, "I am full of rage and hatred towards you becuase u did not interveiw me for your poll. I appologized to the man and told him i would voice his opinion. He said fine. So this is what he said, "I commend you on a great piece of literary work
Peru is full of lame places like lake tittykaka were moms take their children to do drugs and bone lizards. peru is full of corrupt black inca chinks parading around in their underwear. peru can suck my moms fat nut and stick it in their ear......VIVA MEXICO!!" And i agree with him. long live MEXICO. VIVA MEXICO!!!!!!!

Also to show you how stupid perubians are, i have a good friend, same guy that i was talking about yesterday, who hates basketball with a passion. And i commend him on that. He hates it so much, that when he was tricked into going to a basketball game he punched and broke a bunch of signs and cursed everyone out. HE was made for a month. This damn mother hoe got the great idea of joinging tennis, so he did. Instead of buying tenni shoes, he got basket ball shoes!!! What a dumb slut. He should be shot and raped. A man who hates basketball a lot, goes and support it by buying basketball shoes. But wat can i say.And he is like a rocker type of guy so he looks like a hommo sexual lizard with those things on. It is like having kiss wear a formal dress and basketball shoes. they just dont match. I am so angry at this guy that i cant keep his name private any more!!! He is jeff!! Jeffry Sandofahoe!!! So when you see him, kick his ass!!! Reporting to you live from east LA. Good night!
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