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Peru Blows

I went and held a huge pool asking every one who is better MEXICO or the little shit Peru. 95% of the people had never heard of Peru and said it must suck if they never heard of it. the other 5% who knew wat the hell Peru was, chose Mexico instantly. One fan of Mexico said, "Peru is a lame place, all they have are big fat hairy women who have sex with the pyramids at Mount Machupichu with lizards. But in Mexico they have cancun and TJ and Puerto Vallarta, and we have hot mexican hoes for real cheap. Unlike Peru." Another fellow said, "Peru is a nigger want to be place. THey are trying to act like them and sing their music. Atleast mexico stays true to their roots. We have ranchera and mariachi and shit like that. Fuck peru in the nose!! To back up my statement of the nigger want to be perubians here are two links and"
So this geos to prove that Peru sucks major ass. But this fine gentleman went on to say, "that peru is a little shit country full of dog eating chink whores!!! and they like it in the ear doggy style. yeah...peru wants to claim negro music. and that is why the only purubian I know curls his hair every day and makes it corse, so it looks like pubs.

The best part about mexico is that to go to the US you only have to cross the border, not swim to mexico and then jump the border like the people from Peru do. And when ever a white person sees a hispanic person they rite away say, "Look it is a dirty Mexican." They dont say look it is a purubian, because perubians such and are not in the in crowd like mexico is.
Hardly anyone knows peru. When a friend of mine said he was purubian. I was wat the fuck. never heard of these dirty sluts of a hoe. Where the fuck do u come from Perubia!!! than i bitch slapped him and spat on his mom's clit. He started to cry and said, "no i am from Peru. No one knows peru. It is a little shit country that no one knows about. Fuck me and my mom. I hat e being Perubian, no one knows where ia m from. all we have is the incas and their incan chicken which they use to pleasure them selves with. fuck me in the ass. and a lake called lake titicaca. damn me. Then he died from sarrow that peru is not known as a country, because it is not known at all.

Reporting to u live from Cancun mexico where the party is at.
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