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Women Hating Hot Doooooooooooooooooooooog!!
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Below are the 15 most recent journal entries recorded in soupedupsaturn's LiveJournal:

Friday, January 7th, 2005
5:02 pm
Sunday, April 18th, 2004
3:35 am
Kim is a dumb ass and a hoe
Well well well well... I have a story to tell u about a friend i know named kim and nicole. well here it goes. well my friend nicole had a 'party' and kim and nicole got super drunk, like really really really really really drunk. So then they got in to kinky maid costums and then wiped out wipes. they slapped each other around and did some great bondage shit and then i gizzed in their faces. then i fuck them in tehir ears and then i smoked a blunt and a nice cuban cigar till i was ready for more boning. so then they stripped and then all th people here which was like 50 people boned them in every opeing they had. they boned her till they were ripped open and they died. and i laughed and i was happy and i had a huge orgasim and they i died and laughed. And anthony is a pimp like me!
Saturday, February 28th, 2004
12:01 pm
words from the wise El Panco
Today was yet another victory for the powers of Mexico and Nicaragua at the fourth battle. It all started when I was approached by these two lizard screwing nazi loving hoes…then is evened up when my right hand man shows up . My right hand man viciously threw the perubean into the piranha infested moat. Then the dirty nazi tried to get involved and my right hand man landed on top of him in a bush and I finished off that tick infested nazi by soaring over the moat and landing on top of him. When my right hand man said “victory is again ours” the dirtiest member of the opposing forces shall I say THE PERUBEAN had the dignity to say “I was the only one left standing” this I think is the biggest load of old saggy flee nuts I have ever heard, my right hand man was also standing but it took two people to take him down, the jew hater went down with and tittykaka boy was left standing. I just have to say you fucks of an army are lucky that my left hand man wasn’t there or you guys wouldn’t have made to the next meet that day. After this little encounter the “Great Forces” of germany and peru those pussy ass inca fucking jew hating fucks ran off at rapid speeds as my left and right hand man chased and I followed behind, caught them and beat them to a bloody pulp. Then I took one of their shoes and fucked it Mexican style with a big ass burrito and gizzed all over the laces. When they finally did escape my right hand man had to be pried off of THE PERUBEAN by the beaten nazi. Then they went on to bitching about how they are always out numbered when supposedly they have a sweatshop full of Asians at their dispense to throw out on the front lines. Now I will say this you come at us with whichever dog eating, shoe making, cat fucking, Mexican branded monkey you want, me, my right hand man and my left hand man will come out victorious because we are too damn HARDCORE! Your lucky our suicide terrorist bomber was getting his tennis stuff hes just trying to fit in so he wont be so noticeable, we would have filled your anal holes with anthrax and pissed acid on your bloody wounds. And another thing I spit on peru and germany because you are a disgrace to humanity for not bowing down and surrendering to us Mexicans and Nicaraguans. Instead you continue to let us have our way with you just like we have our way with all your women.
Wednesday, February 25th, 2004
7:45 pm
MAster Plan (super classified)
What i will tell you my good followers in asian, perubian, german haters is super classifed and will change the way a war is fought. We will oppress and slaughter the enemy using this technical method. We will take out the perubians right hand man using this technique. He is all the perubian has. With out him the perubian would lose miserably. His right hand man is the only one with a brain an guts to confront the enemy. Unlike the cowardly perubian. I shall not list examples, because that will hurting deeply. make him lower than an cross breed of an asian, perubian, rat, lizard and a tick. Besides that is a whole diffrent story. Back to the plan. My left hand man will provied us with sum anthrax and sneak it in to the US. My right hand man while fucking the perubians mom, will stuff all the anthrax in to her pussy. So that when the perubian's right hand man comes to eat out the perubians mom, he will inhale the anthrax and die. causeing a huge disorder. Will the perubians and their allies are trying to decide what they will do next, My left hand man and his buddy will chrash planes in to their houses, office buildings, whore houses, bars, strip clubs and public showers. They will infect them with their biological weapons. Then me and my righ hand man and my other allies will raid peru and steal all their hot women and rape them and make them walk the streets naked all the time. We will have our way with them all the time. we will slaughter their children, and destroy all their pyramids and destroy the inca spirit in them. Leading to their demise. And mexico shall win!!!!!!!!!! We will lose zero lives, while the perubians will lose all, but the hot hoes we will mess around with.hahah so we win again suckers!!!
Monday, February 23rd, 2004
5:42 pm
Perubian back staber
AS you have read or will soon read the entry belloe this one, i degraded the asian race a lot. and i am damn proud of it. Cus they suck. i had a chat with the perubian about this and this is wat he had to say.
BringBackElian: yes i was just about to say that
AsianCleanser: haha
AsianCleanser: yup
BringBackElian: asians are a member of the alliance though
AsianCleanser: but they sti9ll suck
AsianCleanser: and should die
BringBackElian: yes good point
BringBackElian: they will be in the front lines
BringBackElian: first to die
AsianCleanser: yes

So you damn asians should run for ur life when u still can because the perubain bastered is tricking u. u should come and join me! at least i wont try to trick u. I will tell u i ur face. "i hate u u fucking rat fucker!! u will be the first to die here!" then i will shot them. So forget about peru and join me! the real man. with a gun
5:41 pm
asians go down hard
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: i kicked its ass
AsianCleanser: no
AsianCleanser: u suck
AsianCleanser: acdc
AsianCleanser: rocks
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: yes im sure it rocks
AsianCleanser: haha
AsianCleanser: stupid asians
AsianCleanser: acdc rocks in the us
AsianCleanser: mexico
AsianCleanser: and al over the world
AsianCleanser: hoe
AsianCleanser: stupiad asians
AsianCleanser: dont know nothing
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: if it werent for us asains ur grandama wouldnt be alive right now
AsianCleanser: it is the other way around honey
AsianCleanser: us saved ur ass during world war 2
AsianCleanser: slut
AsianCleanser: and
AsianCleanser: my spanish
AsianCleanser: andcestors
AsianCleanser: rapped ur ass
AsianCleanser: and nose
AsianCleanser: and ears
AsianCleanser: and every thing u have
AsianCleanser: my great grandfather rapped about 250 asians
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: they rapped us cuz we were so damn hot nd all the mexicans gurls were fuwkin ugly
AsianCleanser: no
AsianCleanser: cus we wanted to show u who was boss
AsianCleanser: damn rite
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: saved by the bell
AsianCleanser: i know cus u know u wont win
AsianCleanser: hoe
AsianCleanser: haha
AsianCleanser: u lose
AsianCleanser: mexicans come on top
AsianCleanser: hoe
AsianCleanser: we shall rap u guys again
AsianCleanser: many times over
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: on top of what?? picking corn
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: u can rape us then all the asain boyz are gonna shoot ur ass with our AK49'z
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: rap?!? u cant even spell "rape" RHYT
AsianCleanser: i said rape
AsianCleanser: and all my mexican gangsta homies will show ur asian boys up
AsianCleanser: cus we are street smart
AsianCleanser: and even more hard core than asians
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: u mean ur papi chulos?
AsianCleanser: asians are all talk
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: then cholos cant so SHYT
AsianCleanser: all they have is money
AsianCleanser: but us mexicans
AsianCleanser: the whole world bow down to us
AsianCleanser: hoes
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: we have enough money to hire a hitman hit u guys up
AsianCleanser: but all the great hitmen are mexicans
AsianCleanser: so they will turn againts u
AsianCleanser: mexican pride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AsianCleanser: hoe
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: nobody bows down to tha mexicans, they camaflouge with the dirty floor
AsianCleanser: asians suck
AsianCleanser: they bow down when we wip it out
AsianCleanser: cus it is so damn big
AsianCleanser: compared to ur small asian
AsianCleanser: dicks
AsianCleanser: and tits
AsianCleanser: u flat chested hoe
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: im sorry i mistaken ur mommas dirty tits for pancakes
AsianCleanser: o shit
AsianCleanser: it sounds more like ur mom
AsianCleanser: cus i fucked her
AsianCleanser: 150 times
AsianCleanser: in under 2 mins
AsianCleanser: and her tits
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: at least my mommas tits are dirty like ur moms
AsianCleanser: where so small
AsianCleanser: the went in to her chest
AsianCleanser: and moms
AsianCleanser: oh damn
AsianCleanser: very big
AsianCleanser: i sucked them so hard
AsianCleanser: i loved it
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: you should love it
AsianCleanser: i saw ur mom on aporno
AsianCleanser: beastiality
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: cus i drank them when i was little
AsianCleanser: asians are not welcomed in my house
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: i know us asains are so damn good looking were all up on porno
AsianCleanser: and get shot if the come nnear it
AsianCleanser: no
AsianCleanser: it was sick
AsianCleanser: she fucked a rat
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: thas not what ur dad sed last night
AsianCleanser: she love the small dicks
AsianCleanser: i know
AsianCleanser: my dad said
AsianCleanser: stupid asian hoe
AsianCleanser: grow tits
AsianCleanser: and stop being so loose
AsianCleanser: u skank
AsianCleanser: scank
AsianCleanser: wat ever
AsianCleanser: then he back handed her
AsianCleanser: and bit off her tits
AsianCleanser: and the mexicans win once again
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: i think its time for u n ur mom to pick some corn
AsianCleanser: i love to eat corn
AsianCleanser: i think u guys should get off the streets
AsianCleanser: cus u asians are a disgrace
AsianCleanser: to teh WORLD
AsianCleanser: and should all die
AsianCleanser: at least us mexicans arer hard working and feed ur ass
AsianCleanser: wat do asians do for us?
AsianCleanser: nothing
AsianCleanser: the eat and shit
AsianCleanser: and get rapped by us
AsianCleanser: mexican
AsianCleanser: s
AsianCleanser: hoes
AsianCleanser: u all should die
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: MAN...dont be talking shit about asians, if it werent for us...all YALL grandparents would be dead by now
AsianCleanser: no they wouldnt
AsianCleanser: cus they were part of the rape
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: yea cuz yall dumbasses too dumb to figure out how to keep them alive
AsianCleanser: a 4 year old kid rapped a hot hoe theere
AsianCleanser: at least we know how big a real penis should be
AsianCleanser: unlike u guys
AsianCleanser: and wat is a good cup size
AsianCleanser: u guys dont kow shit
NOTORiOUSXPENAY: we know to stay away from ur smelly dirty peniseses
AsianCleanser: u cant cus
AsianCleanser: we force it in u
AsianCleanser: hard
AsianCleanser: and with out mercy
AsianCleanser: yup
AsianCleanser: even u know
AsianCleanser: not to mess
AsianCleanser: with whorny mexicans who are out for blood
AsianCleanser: but u guys dont
AsianCleanser: so that is why u pay
AsianCleanser: pay with ur women
NOTORiOUSXPENAY signed off at 5:05:23 PM.
AsianCleanser: haha
Saturday, February 14th, 2004
12:03 am
meaning to journey
How the day was=how we veiw lief

Forest and trees=people that are in our lives

Path=percieve present and future live journeys

drinking bottle/instrument=describe perseption of love

tree blocking path=handle things that come into your way.

hey=represents type of knowledge

Snake and approch to it=represent approch to seriouse conflict

fence and outside of the house=spproch towards marriage and family life

Inside of house=how it feels like when you are married


Body of water=how you veiw sex and want it

cliff=end of life

This is for the story/journey bellow. you will understand as soon as you read it. so haha!! die hoes!!
12:03 am
The Levan Journey
The Journey

It was a dark rainy night, and I am feeling lucky and swell. There are trees all around me, towering over me, but i am ready with two tommie guns in hand. These trees are old, dark, saggy, great in color, and evil looking. Immediately the forest tickled my fancy, so i chuckled for a good thirty minutes. Then I find a curved path being gaurded by a big black guy. I go up to him and say, "let me through!" He was like, "no!" So i backhand him, knocking him to the ground and go my way. Five feet later i find a huge bottle with vodka, so i chuged it down. The black man gets up and takes out his brass knuckles. I laugh so hard that i shot the crap out of him with my tommie guns. I leave and encounter a huge tree blocking my path so I cuss it out and yell. It gets scared. Then I kick it, so it moves out of the way because he is my bitch now. As soon as I get through i said take that you bloody bastard and shot it 959 times and left. I then find a key and place it in my pocket for safe keeping . I then find a rattle sanke in my path. I am full of anger and i bitch slapped it. It tried to bit me but to no avail. I then pick it up and bit off it's head and ate it's head. i then find a fence surrounding a house. On teh fence there are a bucnch of strippers and hoes calling me into the house of sorts. And i say "yes." The house on the out side seemed to be very nice. Looked just like the white house, the only difference was that tehre were a lot of hot babes tehre just for me. I go inside where it looks like the playboy mansion. As soon ans i get in there i get head from 5 hot ladies and i chuckle with pleasure. I then bone all the ladies, shoot them all but 10, and go on my way with them pleasing me every 10 mins. I then find a cat, and i cuss it out and shoot it until there is nothing left. I then find a huge dirty swamp and me and my 10 hoes jump in and have fun. A lot of noise is coming from the pond and it is moving violently. I leave this place after 3 weeks and go on the path and find a cliff. I see all the bastards that owe me money. So i shoot them all and rape their women. I then take my hot lady friends by the hand and jump off the cliff. Landing safly in a bar bellow the cliff, getting drunk till we die.
Thursday, February 12th, 2004
6:55 pm
Another raping Session
I i thought i said enough about the perubians, but a little bird told me of an evil deed an evil person was coming up with. That person is an asian, and any asian, espically an asain who backs up the perubians, are a disgrace to the world and God. The should all be raped. This is not a rasist comment, but all the asians shall pay. I love asians a lot, but the must all perish, all because of this one man, or should i say little boy. I have a lot of things againts the phillipinoes, and i will not even start with it today. BUT they SHALL PAY. This is wat this good fornothing mother humping, dog licking ankle grabbing, anal reciever or grandfather's cock of a man had to say:

Dear Dirty Mexicans,
oh.....you will pay you litte sons of a bitches, just wait until Peru realizes that peace isnt the way to go. Your little outburst has infuriated the high elders of macchu picchu. We, the people of Peru will not stand for your slanderous filth, damn mexicans. You will all feel the wrath that is the peruvian military. You do not know what pain is, but oh yes.....you will. Youll just be standing there, then all of the sudden our super secret llama riding strike force will fly down from the sky, and stab you through the stomach with a pan flute. And then you will be like "Ah damn, thats what i deserve for being a filthy mexican trying to rag on then greatest empire known to man." And once you are on the floor begging for mercy, you will be shown none. We will use our Incan strength to physically lift up a tiny piece of shit country......lets just call it Nicaragua, and just throw it onto your shitty mexico city, just for fun. You will live to rue the day that you started talking trash on peru, you best start ruing now. Beware dirty mexicans, for This will be too easy for the Incan people, we are out for blood, and you? you are just out to get an ass whoopin

I would appologize. i made a mistake. an asian did not write this, but the big man from peru himself. This is what the asian had to say. ps he is half german. damn Nazi.

oh well...i think GERMANY has something to say about this...we r still pissed about out loss to the allies back in the 40s and we r coming back with a vengeance....i believe WWIII is on the brink of an outburst...we...the german ppl...the TRUE race of the gods...r brimming with expert military intelligence as well as the infantry and fleet to rape all u bum mexicans up the ass...with the exception of one....who is now our inside "man" and spy...u must all perish and suffer at the hands of the new alliegance...PERU + GERMANY = BIG BOWLS OF DEATH THAT WILL BE HANDED OUT ACCORDINGLY TO EVERYONE WHO STANDS AGAINST US! aka mexico and nicaragua.

Well this is what my right hand man had to say about that threat, he doesn't want his named reviled because if u heard it or read it u would die right away from a heart attack. HE yells at the top of his lungs, "WE WANT BLOOD. WE WANT BLOOD. WE WANT BLOOD."

Peru shall never overcome Mexico, all you perubeans are just want to be niggers and llama fucking Incas who claim aren't beaners even though you are and you just changed your little names from "Perubean-e-r-s" to "Perubeans" So I say this, just come and try to beat us. We will come at you with the almighty force of red, white and green. And when you bring your llamas and when you bring your pan flutes we will take all of our men and rape your llamas and ravage your men with their own pan flutes where the sun doesn't shine. Just like we raped all of those little Philipinos, just to mention that we not only raped their women but also their men and children.

Germany and Asia you are next on my list, u hoes with small dicks and u jew hating freeks. u shall pay with ur virgin butts. Mexico and Nicaragus will join forces and u shall pay and die at the same time.

Current Mood: take that hoes
Wednesday, February 11th, 2004
7:27 pm
An apology to an unknown friend
WEll i was sitting on my couch today when i get a phone call from some ome unknown to me. He immediately cusses at me then hangs up. I then go check my email and i get an email from someone fool of rage who cussed at me too. they used the same style like the guy on the phone did. Then the door bell is rung, so i go to answer it. Imediatly i get a fist to the face and i am left for dead. I wake up an hour later and take a cold shower. As i do my buisness, a man jumps into the shower with me and tells me he is the one who has been bothering me a lot. He said, "I am full of rage and hatred towards you becuase u did not interveiw me for your poll. I appologized to the man and told him i would voice his opinion. He said fine. So this is what he said, "I commend you on a great piece of literary work
Peru is full of lame places like lake tittykaka were moms take their children to do drugs and bone lizards. peru is full of corrupt black inca chinks parading around in their underwear. peru can suck my moms fat nut and stick it in their ear......VIVA MEXICO!!" And i agree with him. long live MEXICO. VIVA MEXICO!!!!!!!

Also to show you how stupid perubians are, i have a good friend, same guy that i was talking about yesterday, who hates basketball with a passion. And i commend him on that. He hates it so much, that when he was tricked into going to a basketball game he punched and broke a bunch of signs and cursed everyone out. HE was made for a month. This damn mother hoe got the great idea of joinging tennis, so he did. Instead of buying tenni shoes, he got basket ball shoes!!! What a dumb slut. He should be shot and raped. A man who hates basketball a lot, goes and support it by buying basketball shoes. But wat can i say.And he is like a rocker type of guy so he looks like a hommo sexual lizard with those things on. It is like having kiss wear a formal dress and basketball shoes. they just dont match. I am so angry at this guy that i cant keep his name private any more!!! He is jeff!! Jeffry Sandofahoe!!! So when you see him, kick his ass!!! Reporting to you live from east LA. Good night!

Current Mood: and angry
Tuesday, February 10th, 2004
8:26 pm
Peru Blows
I went and held a huge pool asking every one who is better MEXICO or the little shit Peru. 95% of the people had never heard of Peru and said it must suck if they never heard of it. the other 5% who knew wat the hell Peru was, chose Mexico instantly. One fan of Mexico said, "Peru is a lame place, all they have are big fat hairy women who have sex with the pyramids at Mount Machupichu with lizards. But in Mexico they have cancun and TJ and Puerto Vallarta, and we have hot mexican hoes for real cheap. Unlike Peru." Another fellow said, "Peru is a nigger want to be place. THey are trying to act like them and sing their music. Atleast mexico stays true to their roots. We have ranchera and mariachi and shit like that. Fuck peru in the nose!! To back up my statement of the nigger want to be perubians here are two links http://www.dirtylinen.com/linen/92/baca.html and http://gaylimape.tripod.com/"
So this geos to prove that Peru sucks major ass. But this fine gentleman went on to say, "that peru is a little shit country full of dog eating chink whores!!! and they like it in the ear doggy style. yeah...peru wants to claim negro music. and that is why the only purubian I know curls his hair every day and makes it corse, so it looks like pubs.

The best part about mexico is that to go to the US you only have to cross the border, not swim to mexico and then jump the border like the people from Peru do. And when ever a white person sees a hispanic person they rite away say, "Look it is a dirty Mexican." They dont say look it is a purubian, because perubians such and are not in the in crowd like mexico is.
Hardly anyone knows peru. When a friend of mine said he was purubian. I was wat the fuck. never heard of these dirty sluts of a hoe. Where the fuck do u come from Perubia!!! than i bitch slapped him and spat on his mom's clit. He started to cry and said, "no i am from Peru. No one knows peru. It is a little shit country that no one knows about. Fuck me and my mom. I hat e being Perubian, no one knows where ia m from. all we have is the incas and their incan chicken which they use to pleasure them selves with. fuck me in the ass. and a lake called lake titicaca. damn me. Then he died from sarrow that peru is not known as a country, because it is not known at all.

Reporting to u live from Cancun mexico where the party is at.

Current Mood: and excited that people share
Monday, February 9th, 2004
7:50 pm
well much to my surprise, a lot of people,dont want to mention any names so i wont, wrote a respons to my live journal crap and i would like to put them in my freinds list but i dont know how. Any ways, Tom, Samantha, John, Willy Wonka, and Ron wrote to me demanding that they want to be in my friends list. I would like to make them happy so if any one can help me out making these poor peole's dream come true, please tell me how.
7:43 pm
school today
well wat can i say. I almost died to day bus big buff black guy pushed me really hard and i went flying and then i died. but thanks to my santanist ways, i came back from the dead. So haha hoes!!!!!!! Any ways I hate this damn live journal thing but oh well. Also i went to track and i came back sore but with an erection. Sore because i had to do a bunch of lunges and with an erection cus this hot babe with a finding nemo shirt had her boobs bouncing. and i was like oh yea baby can i find ur clit named nemo? And then i felt a warm sticking feelings in my pants and then i woked up to find my self licking ass everywhere's nut sac. Well good times. U emo hoes shall pay for ur evil ways.

Current Mood: and whorny
Sunday, February 8th, 2004
7:12 pm
my intrests
No that the fucking live journal wont show my intrest the rite way i shall shwo them as a journal entry!!!!!!!

I like big fat hairy women and big fish with little boobs. But wat i love the most is, big buff men with their shirts halfway unbuttoned revealing a huge fro of hairy that is attached to their chest, wearing a lot of BLING BLING and guy perfume.

there now everyone knows me for who i am

Current Mood: and pissed off
6:21 pm
Live Journal
I opene my own live journal today. YAYA!! I am so happy and excited. I just became like all u other low lives sitting in front of their computers getting fat and riting about how they lost their gf or bf and how they meant the world to them. U know wat i am sick of ur poop. All of u should eat a dog's nose and cry to ur mother u emo bastards!!!!! And u know wat i hate this damn live journal crap. i was working on it so many times andevery tiem i lost all my info. I would say error rewrite everything and then i was like if i got my dick sucked for every time that dumb shit of a computer said that i would get more than Jesus did. Bloody emo live journal crap of a hoe. Just die and take all the emoness with u.

Current Mood: and full of spunk
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