soupedupsaturn (soupedupsaturn) wrote,

Kim is a dumb ass and a hoe

Well well well well... I have a story to tell u about a friend i know named kim and nicole. well here it goes. well my friend nicole had a 'party' and kim and nicole got super drunk, like really really really really really drunk. So then they got in to kinky maid costums and then wiped out wipes. they slapped each other around and did some great bondage shit and then i gizzed in their faces. then i fuck them in tehir ears and then i smoked a blunt and a nice cuban cigar till i was ready for more boning. so then they stripped and then all th people here which was like 50 people boned them in every opeing they had. they boned her till they were ripped open and they died. and i laughed and i was happy and i had a huge orgasim and they i died and laughed. And anthony is a pimp like me!
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